Dr. Max Wardell

My Mission

To assist throwing athletes in reaching their true potential, protect throwing athletes from injury, and rehabilitate throwing athletes who are injured.

My Motivation

As a college baseball player I sustained a shoulder injury known to many as the "pitcher's death". The diagnosis was a large SLAP tear of my labrum. I was told that I would never throw again. After being referred to the Overhead Athletic Institute by an orthopedic surgeon I quickly realized that with proper rehabilitation and sequencing of my throw, I could come back from my injuries.

In my career, I've sustained an ulnar collateral ligament tear that required surgical repair, an ulnar neuropathy that required surgery, a fractured pitching elbow (olecranon), a surgical hip dislocation surgery (trochanteric osteotomy), and a couple knee surgeries.

These experiences and others were the catalysts that initiated me on the pathway of working with athletes and eventually educating those who work with and coach throwing athletes. Many of my injuries were preventable. Poor training methods, improper rehabilitation procedures, and poor throwing mechanics caused the throwing injuries that eventually ended my career. They should not end others' careers. That is my motivation, to help athletes reach their performance goals without being hindered and obstructed by the injuries that I endured.